Hospice Tree of Lights

Hospice Tree of Lights

Honor or memorialize a loved one this holiday season by making a gift in their name to the VNA Hospice Program. The names of those memorialized or honored will be listed here on our “In Memoriam Tree” page and will remain visible throughout the year. 



While we will no longer be hosting our Hospice Tree Lighting ceremony, the Hospice Tree of Lights, located at our office building in Red Bank, New Jersey, will remain illuminated in honor of loved ones for the remainder of the holiday season. 

“It is often in the darkest skies

that we see the brightest stars.”

                        -Richard Evans 

Make a gift this holiday season to honor a loved one.

In Memoriam Tree



Peggy M. Kaminski by James G. Kaminski

Joanne & Harry O'Melia by James O'Melia

Cynthia T. Smith by Robert C. Smith

Helen Rubin by Debbie Wallach



Shining Light


Garry Cooper by Jennifer Possenriede 

Marilyn Simon by Robin Simon

Susan B. Stearns

Roseann Zyracki by Mr. and Mrs. John Zyracki 




Marie Babbitt by Walter Babbitt

John and Adele by Barbara Busch

Caroline Bodmer by Carolyn Bodmer

James T. Brotherton by Mary Brotherton 

Robert Edward Brown by Bridid Brown

Dr. Minnie L. Campbell

Danielle D'Orsi Caynor by Lorri D'Orsi

Raymond C. and Lois McGirr by Robert McGirr

William & Ada McNichol by Joyce McNichol

The Milazzo Family by Eleanor Milazzo

Janice Lee Reynolds by Donald Reynolds

Sara Shiffner by Patricia Shiffner

John Sigler by Joyce McNichol

Susan Simms by Lawrence Simms

George W. Sterner by Douglas Sterner


In Memory Of 


Wes Adamczyk by Wanda Mazelis

Wayne Anson by Marlene Anson

Paul J. Apostolos by Longina Perez Apostolos

Celia Appel by Jack and Ruth Appel

Rose and Albert Appell by Sharon Appell

Isabella Arcorace by Donna & Anthony Pellegrino

Jimmy Asimacopoulos by Diane Kellerhals

Cathy Balasic by John Balasic

Jean Ballé by Linda Linnett

Joseph Baraniak/The DeFazio Family by Louise DeFazio

Dennis Barbier Jr. by Dennis Barbier

Famy Barrueco by Mercedes F. Christ by 

Jim Barry by Bonnie O'Malley Barry

Olive R. Berry by John and Nancy Berry

John Bogue by Renee and Garrett Boetsma

Charles Bonus by Judith Bonus

Flavia Borchardt by Claudia Carrott

John and Alice Brandham by Frank and Lanie Bostjancic

Joan M. Bulvanoski and Marianne Casper by Chester J. Bulvanoski

Tessie F. Buszka by Diane Feeney

Cable/Nevue Famile by Margaret Nevue

August Calvanico and Diane Macera by Judith Calvanico

Charles P. Callaghan by Marjorie Callaghan

William Camp by Judith Rautio

Mark Carozza by Mary Ann Carozza

Angelina Caruso by Denise Carnazza

Doris L. Cazanave by Brian Cazanave

Martha F. Chase by Theodore Chase, Jr.

Cheponis Family by Paul T. Cheponis

Frederick F. Cichowski, Sr., by Elizabeth Cichowski

John Chmura by Doris Chmura

Mary T. Chunta by Bernard Chunta

Edgar D. Coffin, Jr. by Liz Yule

Edjar D. Coffin, Jr. by Louisa Coffin-Tilsner

Edjar D. Coffin, Jr. by Louisa B. Coffin

Edgar D. Coffin, Jr. by Sarah Laeufer

Joseph M. Colafurdo by his loving family

George E. Coleman, Jr. by George E. Coleman, III

Gertrude Conklin by Suzanne Knaster

Rosemary Cornell by by Ann, Tony and Lydia Gargano

James Cottrell by Marie Cottrell

Charlotte B. Crain by R.A. & M.K Crain

Donna Currie by Lucy Leahy

Iganzaio (Iggy) D'Alessandro by Kathleen D'Alessandro

Ann and Nick D'Aprile by Tom and Diane Tighe

Cathleen M. D'Arcy by Brian and Virginia Lamb Falconer

John DeCicco by Linda LeStrange

Diane DeConie by Warren and Ann Marie Hippeli

Donato Dell'Olio by by Ann, Tony and Lydia Gargano

Joan E. Defibaugh by Ben Defibaugh

Julia M. DeGeorge by Dennis and Linda Regan

Debbie Delaney by Roger Delaney

Phil Delano by Marcia Delano

Mary DePalma by Andrew DePalma

Philomena DePalma by Andrew DePalma

Virginia DePalma by Andrew dePalma

Sophie & James Diblin by Barbara Dunn

Frank DiDolce by Angela DiDolce

Lucille Diglio by Jeri & Jim Libby

Walter Dill by Lucille Dill

William DiSomma by Rosemarie Giordano

Dorothy Dobrynski by Barbara Antoniewicz

Joseph Dolac by Judy Burton

Ester Dow by Linda Regan

Kenneth Dunckley by Mary Dunckley

Mildred Dunphy by Carole Farrell

Edward Durkin by Mary Durkin

Paul Ekdahl and Jane Strauss 

Dorothy & Walter Erosh by Joan & Rocco Ricci

Edward N. Estwanick by Virginia M. Estwanick

Carolyn "Chickie" Fannan by Jack Fannan

Muriel and Stanley Farbstein by Susan Lamb

Joseph Fernandez by Madeline Hager-Fernandez

Mary J. Finkle by Vincent Finkle

Evangelia Floratos by Alex Floratos

Lester H. Frank by Barbara Frank

Judith H. Friend by Roger Friend

Joseph Gaizza by Mildred Gaizza

Cara Nicole Galatro by Pam & Bill Galatro

Dave Gamble by Claire Gamble

Brain Gallagher by Frances Gilleece

Mary Stewart Geddes by Marilyn Chlup

Catherine Gerakaris by Gia Grossenbacher

Rita Ginsburg by Morris Ginsburg

Thomas R. Gleason by Sharon Dugan

William Goletz by Margaret Goletz

Sally Gordon Davis by Kathy & Marv Goldstein

Fannie Graham by Diane & Frank Vigilante

Rose Marie Gregory by Juanita Edwards

Katherine Grinley by Barbara Spiridon

Gilbert and Agnes Gross by Robert and karen Bennett

Hyman Gross by Madeline Hager-Fernandez

Lillian Gross by Madeline Hager-Fernandez

Alexander J. Gulino by B. Gulino

Marx Hager by Madeline Hager-Fernandez

Mathew Hawn by Shirley M. Hawn

Lorraine Hayek by Kathleen Hayel Nagy

Iris Haynes by Gillian Lewis

Mary & Edwin Herig by Josephine Herig

Charles Hetem by Frances Hetem

John J. Hoagland by Ellen Hoagland

Anna (Dudas) Hozeny by Sue Reszkowski

Thomas Hull by Gayle Hull

Bud Hungarter by Lucie Hungarter

Anna Jankoski by John Jankoski

Norma Jeannette by Aimee E. Comfort

Paul F. Jessen by Carolyn Zomer

Paul F. Jessen by Laura Jessen

Marie Johnson by Pat Johnson Strong

Marie "Scuffy" Johnson by Samuel Johnson

Friederike Juette by Hans Juette

Jacob Silady by Dorothy J. Silady

Pat Jurew by Dorothy J. Silady

Edward Kahrer by May Kahrer

Charles J. Keating by Elizabeth J. Keating

Grace Kleinman by ARthur Kleinman

Jerald B. Krauthamer by Elizabeth Carson

Harold J. Keller by Phyllis Hoffman

John W. Kersey by Arlene Kersey

Helen Kiley by Mary Kiley Dill

Cathay Kimpscher by Susan Mayer

Erwin D. Knauer by Holly Knauer

Ken Kociela by Donna Kociela

Ellen Krawiec by Stanley Krawiec

Eleanor Marie Kreiss by Mary Ellen Krause

Cecelia W. Kuhn by Francis Kuhn

Chalres Lang by R. Darienzo

Daniel Laskay by Joan Laskay

Antoinette Laskowski by Laurie Loftus

Robert Leddy by Barbara Leddy

Viola Lohsen by Claudia Gunther

Ellen & Dale Longstreth by Sharon Adamo

John and Elizabeth Lynch by Jackie and Jim Kinghorn

Benjamin Lubiner by Ruth Lubiner

Rose Lucciola by Emilio Lucciola

Dominick Macaro by Bernice Macaro 

Walter Macchia by Mary Beth Macchia

Loretta A. Madaio by John Madaio

Frank Major by Ann Major

Thomas Mans by Merry W. Mans and Tamara Preaeti

John and Rosemarie Marfleet by Diane Asciutto

Dennis P. Martin by Kathleen Martin

Margaret E. Mason by Joyce Paolantonio

Dave Masterson by Paul Masterson

Anita Matyas by Paul Matyas

Faye Matyk by Thomas Matyk

Vivian McCabe by Linda Messina

William H. McDermott, III by Margaret E. McDermott

Jemima McGinniss by Frank McGinniss

Edward McHugh by Anne McHugh

Leda M. McCann by Karen Hugue

Gertrude Conklin Meberg by Mary Rottino

Stephen Meisler by Ann Meisler

Mercedes and Francisca by Miriam and Ruben Cardona

Arthur and Mildred Mesiti by Pat Chionchio

David Michaels by Stephanie Carr

Thelma Michaloski by Nan Michal

Peter Miesnieks by Rita Miesnieks

Marge Miglis by by Ann, Tony and Lydia Gargano

Lucy Militig by Gail Militig

Ralph Moceo by Theresa Moceo

Philip and Mildred Morano by Timothy and Marie Weber

Alex Morris, Sr. by Deloris Bullock Morris

Deacon Anthony Mustillo by Jeanette. Mustillo

Adam Nadolny by Margaret Nadolny

Matilde Neri by Norma N. Glassman

Bernie Newmark by Debbie & Greg Dellosso

John Novak by Marlene Flemer

Marion O'Donnell by Raymond O'Donnell

Jacob Olsen by Rosemary Olsen

Gail O'Rourke by Sandra McSorley

Joseph Pagano by Elsie Pagano

George and Alice Paicer by Denise and Richard Christie

Karen Parsells by Louanne Christie

Nanduben R. Patel by Sudha Patel

Mary & Bill Pavlic by Lorraine Vernachio

Kathryn Pedick by Irene Arcaro

Anthony Pentifallo by Margaret Pentifallo

Lillian Perrotta by James Perrotta

William P. Petrie by Rita Petrie

Joe Pignature by by Ann, Tony and Lydia Gargano

George L. Polasky by James D. Polasky

Goldie Taynor Poll by Michelle Gross

Adele Potash by Mr. and Mrs. Burt Unger

Thomas M. Powanda by Maryann Stefanchik

Arny and Jack Powers by Linda Messina

Merrick Pratt by Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pratt

Fred Provencher by Marcella Jean Provencher

Philip and Dante Raso by A. Raso and M. Sollecito

John E. Renals by Tena C. Renals

 Bill Riker by Margaret Riker

Muriel Rogers by Cheryl Greer

Albert B. Roth by Lillian Roth

Catherine Rousseau by Marie Larson

Edward F. Ryan by Rosemarie Ryan

 Helena Sabotka by Robert Sabotka

Jane Salamone by by Ann, Tony and Lydia Gargano

Joseph B. Saldarini by Lita Saldarini

 Phyllis SanAntonio by Louise SanAntonio

 Ozzie Schlegel by Dorothea Schlegel

 Anthony Sciuto by Marianne Sciuto

Martha Seelagy by Frieda Gregg

Carl Segrizzi by Mary Sgrizzi

Marilyn Shannon by Phyllis Shannon

 Gail Shapiro by Norman Shapiro

 George R. Sheats by Beverly Sheats

  Helen & Al Sheeser by Maripat Foley

Louis Silady by Dorothy J. Silady

Maurice Simon by Susan R. Simon

Marion Sims by Luann Stavola

Jean Sisco by Kathleen S. Bubnis

Kay Smock and Irene J. Smock by Wendy & Howard Schleich, Sr.

George E. Snook, Jr. by Lesley Anne Ferris

Terry Soldati-Beard by Carol and Joseph Monaco

Evalina LiSovey by Ann, Tony and Lydia Gargano

Joseph Spindler by Louise Spindler

Esther Spinelli by Felix Spinelli

 Stanley Spiridon by Barbara Spiridon

Dorothy Storms by Patricia Reilly

Dorothy M. Storms by Kathleen Storms

Dorothy M. Storms by Margaret Storms

Jacqueline Strang by Robert Strang

Peter Swanson by Donald Baumann

Victoria Swenarton by Geri Ann Swenarton

Pudge Tammadge by Lana & Rick DiGangi

Molly Tauchner by Emilie Herzberg

 Frederick Taureck by Madeline Taureck

  Elaine Tavormina, RN by Vincent Tavormina

Joy and Charles Tether by Steve Sugar and Sally Tether

Frank and Ann Tighe by Thomas and Diane Tighe

 James M. Toth by Anne Toth

Irene E. Troy by Guy Troy, Jr.

Sofia Velcsler by Didina Burok

Irving J. Verosloff by the Rev. Nancy Beardslee

Peter Walicky by Jennie Walicky

Louise M. Walsh by Sharon and Feliz Tuccillo, Jr.

Dorothy S. Villapiano by Carolee Villapiano

Janet Watson by Kathryn Popino

Virginia Wilbert by William Wilbert

Eugene Witkowski by Patricia Witkowski

Joseph Zawaski by Kathleen Zawaski

Stanley Zeitlin by Norma Zeitlin

 Kathleen R. Zellers by Glenn Zellers

In Honor Of 

VNA Caregivers by Rosemarie Terry


Llinda Fieros

Ann Froner

Catherine M. Gotti

Joan G. Gotti

Jane Gross

Rocco Infante

Edward J. Kaiser

Joan Lawrence

Kathleen Martin

Salvatore Micchelli

Carol and Michael McIntyre

Ingrid Niklas

Daniel J. O'Hern, Sr.

Lillian T. Pannell 

Marguerite Pfeiffer

Madeline Schettina

Mata Stoffel

Kathleen and John Wilcox

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas N. Woodson

Verne and Aurora Zafra

Janice Zelevansky







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